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Extended shackles have 2 purposes, one is to give you more height and the other is to assist in wheel travel.
The longer a shackle is the more wheel travel you will get.

Superior Engineering Extended shackles come with Greasable High Tensile Pins that are Case Hardened , they are coated in a 7 part process SA5 Anti-Corrision  Zinc finish, approx 2 inch over standard in  height and the pins are  pressed and welded to create the strongest extended shackle on the market.!

One other major benefit of a Superior Engineering Shackle is you dont need to purchase special size bushes as we have retained the factory size pins so you standard bushes will fit them and you can source your bushes from anywhere.

Superior Engineering is the only Company that incorporates the welded pins into our design and this totally stops any sideways flexing that ultimately will lead to the shackle failure and premature wear of the shackle plates and they also incorate the 'Step Bolt" design so the shackles can be properly tightened to ensure the exact tolerance between the bushes in maintained.