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Today we talk about our range of coils XT AUTOMOTIVE. This article as well as being EXCLUSIVELY MADE IN ITALY to the highest quality standards in the world, certified ISO 9001: 2000 is produced following our specific indications of production. We wanted to bring to the market a product with very specific off-road performance with high reliability, durability and great value for money.

Unlike the majority of Australian assets these coils are designed for our type of off-road, so with stiffness similar to the original but actually longer. This ensures greater driving comfort, hight range. As other our products undergo a heat treatment which allows to obtain specific mechanical characteristics of strength and are subjected to a shot-peening procedure, which increases durability.

Special heat treatment: Heat treatment is the most important step in the manufacturing process of a coil spring. The passage in the oven with electronic control eliminates breakages and sagging completely and completely rectifying the piece.

Springs made on precision spindles: During the realization each spring is perfectly placed on the spindle and the processing is kept under control by a high technology computer programmed ad hoc to follow the process.

Perfect configuration: XT AUTOMOTIVE springs are designed and built to accommodate the exact seat of the original vehicle, adapting perfectly to the fixing points without further modifications.

Painting and finishing: The painting powder after application is fixed with a piece firing passage, ensuring an excellent protection against corrosion elements. The smooth surface also reduces any frictional forces.

Shot peening: The coil of the XT AUTOMOTIVE springs has a greater resistance thanks to the shot peening which reduces the micro-fractures ensuring a longer life.

Perfect performance under load: XT AUTOMOTIVE springs pass the work tests under load and return 100% of the performance even after a long test session. This avoids a subsequent lowering and maintenance over time of the characteristics of response and tightness of the springs.

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