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For the production of our bushings in addition to the basic raw materials are added ingredients that improve the quality of the resulting polyurethane. The polyurethane bushings are annealed in the oven at 120 ° C for a minimum of 24 hours, obtaining a further increase in quality. The entire production process is carried out according to the highest European standards. The material thus composed guarantees unrivaled performance both in mechanics and wear resistance, improving stability, road holding, as well as the elasticity of the vehicle suspension linkage, a key factor compared to the bushings installed by the parent companies. Thanks to an innovative design that distinguishes them, both internally and externally, they self-lubricate gradually over time.

Our product meets all the requirements for competitions and the most stringent tests.

The characteristics of our bushings:

-High flexibility of the whole range of hardness

- High resistance to tearing, tearing, breakage, abrasion, good toughness

- Ability to operate in a wide negative and positive temperature range

- UV resistance

- Ability to operate in oils and other fats, fats, acids and solvents.

- Excellent damping of vibrations



• MERCEDES G (boccole puntoni)

• MITSUBISHI PAJERO serie v20 (boccole puntoni)

• NISSAN PATROL GR Y60 E Y61 (boccole panhard e puntoni)

• SUZUKI SJ/SAMURAI (boccole balestre)

• SUZUKI VITARA (boccole trapezi e puntoni)

• SUZUKI JIMNY (boccole panhard puntoni)

• TOYOTA LJ 70/73 (boccole panhard e puntoni)

• TOYOTA KZJ 70/73 (boccole panhard e puntoni)

• TOYOTA BJ SERIE 40/42 E SERIE 70/71/73 (boccole balestre)


Disponibili anche in accoppiata alle balestre su richiesta disponibili anche per la maggior parte dei fuoristrada.

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