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For more security we bump stop XT AUTOMOTIVE high-performance systems based on hydraulic operation. These stop units utilize a pressurized emulsion that creates resistance when the suspension approaches the stop. This allows to progressively damping the movement of the suspension avoiding the impact. The work of the suspension is then 100% protected during heavy use, and also the driving performance are better.

Bump main components:

Body:The size of the body ranging from 28mm up to 50mm in diameter, is designed to absorb heavy shock loads offering maximum strength and durability. The diameter determines the amount of pressure or force that can be exerted to counter the impact. The internal gas pressure pushes against the piston and forces it to extend out from the main body.

Piston: the main piston is made of steel alloy, scrolling is protected by a wide space that reduces friction and prevents contact with the main body.

Shim Stack: On one end of the piston are arranged with thicknesses pyramidal system with a diameter from largest to smallest. These thicknesses controlling the absorption according to the speed of impact.

Striker pad: YES located at the end of the stem, it is dome-shaped and is the part that physically absorbs the 'shock.


The hydraulic bump stop XT AUTOMOTIVE exploit a compressed air chamber (filled with nitrogen) as the absorbing element and of resistance. The air chamber inside the body is adjustable and is determined by the amount of oil. More oil is introduced and the lower the capacity of the air chamber with the consequent result of creating a hydraulic stop the excursion of the piston. The calibration of the bump is fully adjustable and optimizable according to the needs of use.

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